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Xbox tips

Xbox is a great gaming console.
It has lots of best online blackjack real money games and good accessories, but don't forget about its other features too!
Read our guide to Xbox tips and tricks to get better performance out of your gamepad or controller.

How many USB ports does the Xbox 360 have?

The Xbox 360 has two USB 2.0 ports (one at the back and one near the front).
You can use them for things like charging your controllers, using a wireless headset or connecting a keyboard/mouse/gamepad to the console.

Can I connect more than one gamepad to my Xbox 360?

You can only use one gamepad at a time with an Xbox 360. However, you can use different controllers as long as they all support XInput mode 1.
This allows you to map buttons in the same way across multiple gamepads.
You can also use them together if you want.

Which controller should I get?

A wired Xbox controller is usually best.
Wired controllers come with six standard analog sticks, four face buttons, a D-Pad, and four shoulder triggers.
The wireless version will look similar, except it won’t include the shoulder triggers.

What's the difference between Xbox Live Gold and Microsoft Points?

Microsoft points are used to purchase content such real money casino games, movies, TV shows, music videos, etc.
These purchases are stored locally on your Xbox hard drive.
If you need more points, you can purchase them from the online store.
Xbox live gold is a subscription service that gives you free games, online multiplayer, online voice chat, and other benefits.

Why is the Xbox hard to set up?

When setting up your Xbox, make sure that you turn off Automatic Updates first.
Automatic updates can cause issues when trying to install the software.
Once this is done, go through the setup process.


The above are some tips from many questions that people have when it comes to Xbox.
Also hope these are helpful to answer some of the questions you may have had.

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