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X Box Games You Will Enjoy Playing With Your Kids.

Are you looking for some entertaining X Box games to play with your kids?
If yes, then look no further!
I have compiled a list of the top 20 awesome Xbox video game titles that will surely help you pass time together.

Super Mario Bros. 3

This is one of our favourite online gambling usa games and it's still available on many platforms including the Xbox 360.
The original NES version was just released as well so there are now two versions to enjoy.
This is one of the games you can enjoy playing with your kids.

Dance Central 2

It may be a little cheesy but this game has tons of songs from popular artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, Taylor Swift, Ke$ha and more.
There are also over 100 different routines to learn and master.

Guitar Hero World Tour

Just like its predecessor, this guitar-based game enables players to rock out by playing along to their favourite music.
The only difference is that instead of using plastic guitars, players use real ones.

Lego Star Wars II

The Original Trilogy (Xbox) - A very fun addition to the betting on sports game franchise which includes all three "Star Wars" movies in an amazing single package.
Players can unlock new levels and features by completing certain tasks within each level.

Sonic Colours

In this puzzle-based platformer, players must guide Sonic through various obstacles such as rings, spikes, fireballs, etc.
While doing so, they need to collect Rings, boost up and avoid enemies' attacks.

Madden NFL 07

For those who don't know, EA Sports comes out with a new football game every year.
This year's edition is Madden NFL 07. It includes all current teams and rosters, online and offline modes and improved graphics.

Lego Batman 2

Lego is not only known for its cute little plastic figures but also for its fun video games.
The Lego Batman series has been around for years and this particular game allows you to use different characters from the movie.

In conclusion, these are the best X-Box games you can enjoy playing with your kids.
Hopefully, these titles will keep you entertained.

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