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The games you should be playing on Xbox

Xbox offers some of the online pokies australia games that can provide so much fun this 2022.
With the greatest stories that are transformational like any other game, you should be playing one of the best games from Xbox.
You may be wondering and finding difficulties in finding a game you can play on Xbox.
Here are some of the games you should be playing this 2022 on Xbox.

The Witcher 3 (Wild Hunt)

Is going epic while hunting for dragons and being awarded hidden untold riches your thing?
If this is the case therefore The Witcher 3 is just the game you are looking for.
You are faced with a villain that has been troubling you and decides the fate of your nation.
This is one of the Xbox games that provides you with about 100 hours of nonstop playing and having fun.
This is the game for you with a love story in that a protagonist Geralt will be searching for his lovely adopted daughter and lost love.

Doom Eternal

Doom is an improved version from 2016 with new abilities like a powerful blood punch, new platforming moves, and a flame thrower.
This game is one you are searching for to play.
The game provides some of the best shooters with skills when they face an encounter to create a ballet of violence.
Doom in 2022 is one of the best games you can come across on Xbox.

Red Dead Redemption 2

When we are talking about one of the new casinos online USA games that raise a bar too high on Xbox is Red Dead Redemption 2.
The game puts you in control compelling Morgan.
Morgan is a character who must choose between doing what is good and what is bad and staying loyal to his crew.
This is one of the games on Xbox that you must be looking forward to playing and be glued all day playing.


Above are some of the best games on Xbox that you must be looking forward to playing with good graphics and transforming stories.
With these games, joy and fun is guaranteed if you are an epic lover.

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