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New Land

  Rating: Mature

You play as a brave hero manager unusual aircraft in free sky. You must explore a mysterious island with a lot of physical puzzles. Using logic and skill to control the ship, you can overcome the hard way and go through the game to the end. If you can not complete a level, you can resort to tricks and find the internet: New Land Walkthrough.
tags: flash games puzzle physics skill mechanism crash new land fly logic adventure gravity box2d summer cute on sky move hit highscore leaderboard search timer teleport en

Instructions: Fly on its mechanism, use the arrow keys to control, solve physical puzzles, do not beat the body, and use a special ball that weighs under your flying mechanism, pass rates and enjoy the game.

Controls: "fire": "left_mouse", "S, Arrow down": "Moving down", "jump": "na", "A, Arrow left": "Moving left", "W, Arrow up": "Moving up", "D, Arrow right": "Moving right", "movement": "arrow"

Author: p3shnuck
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