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  Rating: Everyone

Destroy the colored blocks by combining bars in this inventive puzzle game.
tags: debloc deblock blocks pipes bars tetris puzzles fun

Instructions: Throughout the game, blocks containing different numbers of vertical or horizontal bars fall from the top of the screen. When you line up three or more bars in a row, they are connected and then destroyed. If you remove all the bars from a given block, it collapses and the blocks above it fall down to take its place. In Classic mode the bars are simple, but in the new Ultra mode some bars are covered with additional green and red layers . All layers must be removed before the actual bar can be destroyed. With the grey bomb and the red super bomb, blocks already on the ground can be destroyed. The game is over when the game area is filled with blocks.

Controls: "a": "left", "d": "right", "esc, p": "pause", "fire": "na", "space": "bottom", "jump": "na", "s": "down", "w": "rotate", "movement": "arrow"

Author: Zealot
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