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Chroma Circuit

  Rating: Everyone

An addicting color-matching puzzle game with rotating pieces.
tags: puzzle casual match rotate color memory spacial brain thinking reasoning bowler hat

Instructions: Chroma Circuit provides a compelling puzzle challenge in a simple package. To complete each of the 18 levels, players must rotate elements to match up all the colors. Easy, right? At first, maybe, but wait until you discover massive levels like “Gridlocked” or “Widgets of War”. In Phase 2, new color transfer elements add an interesting twist to color matching that challenges a player's spacial memory. Rotating one element could change a color in a completely different part of the level! Finally, Phase 3 introduces the delightfully frustrating bomb element, where one wrong move means the level is reset in an explosive burst! Match the colors. Solve the puzzle. It’s Chroma Circuit!

Controls: "Mouse Wheel Down (if available)": "Rotate Counter-Clockwise", "Shift-Click": "Rotate Counter-Clockwise", "fire": "na", "M": "Toggle Music", "Mouse Wheel Up (if available)": "Rotate Clockwise", "jump": "na", "S": "Toggle Sound", "R": "Restart Level", "Color Blind Mode": "Goto Settings Screen", "Click": "Rotate Clockwise", "movement": "na"

Author: bowlerhat
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