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Blosics 2 Level Pack

  Rating: Everyone

Addition to the coolest game on the Internet - Blosics 2! - 30 NEW LEVELS !!! created by players, picked by the game creator - new unlockable item - LASER SIGHT !!! The idea of the game remains the same: you have to throw blocks off the stage by shooting balls at them, there are many types of blocks, there are many types of balls and there are 30 levels to finish. Enjoy!
tags: physics blocks shoot shooting ball balls puzzle throw green red explosives flying ballon platforms stone rubber ice disintegration vortex freeze laser sight level pack players levels

Instructions: Use mouse to shoot, hit Space to cancel shot.

Controls: "fire": "left_mouse", "jump": "na", "Space": "cancel shot", "movement": "na"

Author: Igrek
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